Leadership and Technology…

Advances in technology have changed the way we communicate and it has affected avenues of leadership.

Technology is not backing off in the direction of the future. The development of technology influences every area of life.

Therefore, leaders need to learn how to best use technology in ways that assist their leadership.

First, do not deny, reject, or excuse the technology that exists. The use of technology is not going away, nor is it slowing down. Hoping it will go away is an exercise in futility.

Second, be open to and take time to learn. I am not referring to being an expert, but it would serve leaders well to learn how to use the basics. Seek help.

Third, use areas of technology where followers are engaged. If they are using Facebook, then get on Facebook. It is amazing what is learned through the status posted by followers.

Fourth, always approach and use technology as a tool for building up others.

These four suggestions are a starting point. If we will use technology appropriately, it can be a tool of great influence for the kingdom. Think Souls!

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