Catch 22 Leadership…

How many times have leaders been in a position that no matter what decision was made they were condemned? We call this: Catch 22 Leadership.

The result leaves leaders feeling as if they are being shot at from both sides, in front and from behind.

Leaders must be decisive, and they will always have to face attacks from the enemy in front them. However, they should not have to deal with attacks from followers behind them.

Herein lies the challenge of leadership. These situations have caused many spiritual and godly leaders to step down from serving. Sadly, it has also prevented many leaders of the same character from ever stepping up to serve. What can be done to change the direction of this situation?

Pray with and for these leaders.

Always speak well of leadership to others.

Make it a habit to build them up publicly.

When a problem arises, speak to leaders privately.

Encourage those who are godly to lead.

Begin preparing future leaders among the young now!

Good leadership does not happen by accident. We must work to direct the future today.

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