From the Unknown to Potential…

How often do we think about our potential, but then step back from achieving it because we are afraid of the unknown?

Esmeralda Santiago asks the question, “How can you know what you are capable of if you don’t embrace the unknown?”

Few enjoy the unknown. We see variables that play into the unknown. We develop scenarios, which usually focus on the negative or create a defeatist mindset. In the end, the cons outweigh the pros and we walk away from our potential.

What can we do to embrace the unknown and enjoy the possibilities?

Remember, reaching for our potential requires a level of risk. However, the benefits of reaching that potential are far greater than the risk involved.

Even if we fail, failure is not fatal. If everyone quit at the first sign of failure, imagine where we would be without electricity, phones, and hundreds of other luxuries.

Start small and gradually venture into additional unknown areas. A jump into the deep end of the pool is not required to reach our potential.

Maybe we can take a step or two in the right direction.

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