Leadership Insight…

The eye is an amazing part of the human body. We do not have enough space to cover the complex intricacies of the eye.

However, as we begin to age, it is fairly common (somewhere around 40-ish) that our arm does not extend quite far enough to read the print on the page.

Two conditions normally occur around this time of life: 1) near-sightedness – the ability to see things up close, but not far away, and 2) far-sightedness – the ability to see things far away, but not up close.

In a spiritual sense, leaders must avoid both conditions. Leaders need the ability to see what is going on up close around them, knowing the present needs that exist. They must also have the kind of vision that makes it possible to see what will occur down the road. Perhaps the appropriate term is “insight.”

Leadership insight demonstrates the ability to see both near and far and makes it possible to address current needs and plan for the future in ways to overcome the obstacles in order to achieve success.

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