Next Generation…Determination

The second step to leadership in the next generation involves determination. The challenges connected to leadership often cause leaders to a) step out of the leadership role, or b) never enter into a leadership role.

No area in life is going to be perfect or smooth, such is life.

As well, we should remember that God never promised a carefree or problem-free life. If anything, God ensures us that life is going to be filled with problems, difficulties, and suffering. Therefore, we must prepare the next generation with the determination to deal with these challenges.

True leadership learns how to deal with challenges with the most godly, Christ-like attitude possible and equip others to lead in the same manner. A few suggestions to consider include the following.

Rely upon God for guidance in approaching these challenges.

Develop a strong determination to lead no matter how difficult the road.

Seek help from seasoned leaders who have faced difficulties.

Above all, understand they are only temporary.

God provides hope for better days ahead. Let us lead with strong determination and help the next generation to lead equally so.

1 comment on “Next Generation…Determination

  1. Thierry Ekele says:

    Act 14:22 ” strengthening the disciples and encouraging them to continue in the faith. “We must endure many hardships,” they said, “to get into the kingdom of God.”

    God Himself came via the Son the Man as Jesus Christ for the Perfect Example. He that Was/Is Infinitely Good and Perfect. Hence it should be a way to accept and follow by all no matter what comes our way into his melting and pervert world. God bless

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