Life on the Vine…Part 8

Kenneson describes the character of faithfulness as rooted in the very character of God. Reliability, steadfastness, constancy, fidelity, dependability, trustworthiness are all words describing the character of God’s faithfulness and must be the character of leaders demonstrated toward others.

Because of the increasing instability of our culture, we find several obstacles to faithfulness.

Nurturing the temporal and disposable elements of life challenge a lasting faithfulness. Shunning commitments and learning the proper objects of our loyalty are also obstacles to our faithfulness as leaders.

However, we cultivate faithfulness in the following ways:

Celebrating God’s abiding presence. When we lift up our God in worship it serves as a reminder of His faithfulness to us.

Making and keeping promises demonstrates to others the example we follow in the faithfulness of God.

Telling the truth also strengthens the confidence of others in our faithfulness in all areas.

Kenneson raises several powerful questions and provides suggestions to the “others-directed” nature of faithfulness worth the time to read (194-195).

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