Nothing is more comforting than the thought of going home after being away.

The thought of a place where one abides or lives permanently is significant to the nature of home. However, it is the defining qualities of home that makes the difference.

Home is a place of permanence, but what makes it special is the fact it is where one belongs to a family or household. Home is where we are accepted, and nothing is better than going home.

Consider this in relationship to the desire we have to be with our God, where we belong. Here is where we are members of His family. Perhaps this is why the Bible speaks of the comforting nature of the eternal dwelling God has prepared for us.

While on earth, the church should provide the same expression of home. I am not referring to the physical structure where the church meets, but the value of relationships that bring us together as a family, where we belong.

Opposite of the corporate body often connected to the church, leaders need to encourage and strengthen the idea of the church as home.

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