The Right Step…

The journey through life is filled with choices. Literally, we make hundreds of choices every day. Most choices are inconsequential in nature: what clothes to wear, hygiene preparation, what to read, or television program to watch.

However, there are choices that are consequential: career, marriage, children, disciplines or where to live.

As amazing as it sounds, there is one choice – a step in the right direction – that determines all other choices, both consequential and inconsequential: the choice of Christianity.

When we make the choice of Christianity it informs every decision from that point. The type of job we choose will be different as a Christian. Who we marry will be determined by the choice of Christianity. The way we raise our children and where we live are both influenced by Christianity.

When leaders provide an example by their choice spiritually, as demonstrated in their physical choices, they are taking the right step to lead as God intends.

Now is the best time to make the choice that will change the direction of our lives and the influence we have with others.

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