Leadership at Home…Part 2

“What parents excuse in moderation, children will abuse in excess” (Brett Petrillo). The home is the place where leadership begins.

The hearts and minds of our children are sculpted from a very young age. Our influence is far greater than we can imagine, perhaps until we see and hear the expressions of our influence expressed in the lives of our children.

Because this is true, as parents we need to give serious consideration to the words and activities expressed in our own lives.

This post is not for the purpose of proclaiming what is right or wrong. Rather, the purpose is to share a perspective of an individual who has seen it in his own children and now observing it through them in his grandchildren.

We need to set the kind of standard within our home we are comfortable with seeing our children live out in excess. We face enough challenges in battling the worldly influence surrounding us. Why take a chance on setting an example that questions the biblical precedence of a godly man or woman?

Use the home as a refuge that is sanctified by the teachings of God’s word.

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