Qualified Leadership…

A person who is qualified refers to someone recognized as trained to perform a specific job or task. A level of competency is also associated with this recognition.

The Bible provides a list of qualifications for men who would serve in the position of an elder or deacon within the church.

These qualifications are in place to guide the future of the church with leaders who are qualified to provide the necessary shepherding to keep the church pure and doctrinally sound.

While all Christians should strive to achieve these qualities, at least the ones applicable, we do not have to possess all these qualities in order to be qualified to lead others.

Remember, leadership is about influence. We are striving to influence others for the cause of Christ. As a Christian, our qualification for leading others is built on the blood of our Savior.

The stronger our faith becomes, the more our confidence grows, and the greater our influence becomes. Qualified leaders are needed in the Lord’s church to shepherd God’s people, and qualified leaders are needed to influence others for the kingdom.

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