The Moment of Truth…

One of the greatest challenges facing biblical leaders involves the uncompromising conviction of truth.

Not during the times of comfort does this moment become critical, but when difficulties of a physical, social, or financial nature press in on the well-being of leaders.

The moment of truth is not measured by what a leader hopes, desires, or thinks might be needed.

The moment of truth is measured by what a leader does, the stand that is taken, and the demonstration of character when it is not popular with the majority.

The time comes in the life of every person when they must decide how they are going to act or react to the environment or circumstances before them.

In that moment, the decision that is made determines the effectiveness of each leader.

No pleasure, monetary prize, popularity, or status of prestige is worth compromising the truth and the principles of character that stand behind it.

Leaders are needed who hold to and lead by the truth delivered from God to the world.

Allow the moment of truth to be a definition of true leadership.

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