Great Leadership…Part 1

Whenever we use the word great, we know the idea is subjective. However, there are qualities and characteristics of many historical figures that left a mark of greatness in their leadership.

We do not have the time to cover all of these historical mentors of leadership, but we do have time to examine the mark of greatness Jesus left as a leader.

One of the qualities Jesus demonstrated, instrumental in drawing others to Him, was compassion.

Several times throughout the gospels, the compassion of Jesus is identified. He was compassionate to those who were both physically and spiritually in need.

His compassion was more than a feeling of sympathy aroused by the distress of others, it moved Him to act in ways that met their need.

Leaders who follow the example of Jesus, realize the value of this compassionate approach. An awareness of the pressing needs of others is an important component, but compassionate leaders seek ways to get involved to help meet the need.

Pray God will give us all the compassion to be aware of our environment and help meet the needs.

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