Multicultural Leadership…

To say we live in a multicultural society is a gross understatement. We can no longer think about what might come in the future; it is already on our doorstep. Additionally, we cannot think about what we will do when it happens. Clearly, multiculturalism has been here for a long time.

If we are not knowledgeable about or preparing more fervently to address it, we are way behind.

The challenge is determining how we can best approach leading within a multicultural context. A few considerations:

  1. Stop procrastinating and gain a better understanding of multiculturalism. Trying to deny or ignore that it exists will only create greater problems.
  2. Get immersed in developing relationships across those cultural boundaries. Cultural boundaries exist everywhere, not just geographically.
  3. Remember, we are participating in a small part of what God has done and continues to do. Who knows but we are here for such a time as this.

The depth of the subject far exceeds the expectations of one post. However, the subject is essential for the present and future understanding of leadership.

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