One in a Million…

How much money is regularly spent on a chance to win millions of dollars?

Regardless of the odds, most people believe they have a shot to win. For those who do win, the responsibility that accompanies these winnings is overwhelming.

Turn the page and consider the odds of hearing the Gospel. What chance is there, out of all the people on the planet who have never even heard the name of Jesus, you and I heard it?

Why were we blessed with the opportunity to hear the Gospel when so many in the world hear an altered version if they hear it at all?

Maybe this is the first time we have considered these questions. However, we need to recognize the responsibility that comes with this opportunity.

Should we keep it to ourselves? Can we really go through each day without considering the numbers of those who walk through life unaware of what awaits in eternity?

As Christians, we are blessed among all people. This blessing is one meant to be shared, leading others to a hope of something beyond what even winning millions of dollars offers. Think Souls!

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