How Will We Finish?

One of the strongest and most exciting areas of developing any project is the beginning. The morale and enthusiasm are high as the wheels begin turning.

There is something about the grand opening, the starting gun, the first day, or the kick off that strikes at the heart of people to get them on board.

Because we are often a short-sighted and an immediate-satisfaction oriented people, the long range goals seldom come to fruition.

Weariness, stress, slow movement, and discouragement set in and cause us to forget or lose sight of the excitement the original goals provided to get started.

This is true for individuals and congregations. In leadership circles, the idea of finishing well––or strong––is becoming more prevalent. We need leaders who know how to start and finish well.

Satan does not mind our starting if he knows he can prevent us from finishing. Scripture emphasizes the need for us to endure and be faithful until the end.

Instead of giving way to the pressures of accommodating the latest “whim,” let us stay the course and finish well.

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