A Christmas Card…

Each year about this time, we send and receive cards with holiday greetings. A few years ago, I received one quite unexpected.

The card was from a lady who lived in Washington State. I met her almost 20 years ago. Her and her husband lived outside of town in a modest home. I went by to visit each week, as his health was failing.

After his death, Miss Elsie became involved in the church. I continued to visit, and we developed a wonderful friendship.

As her health began to fail, her daughters moved her near them in Washington. At first, she would write occasionally and say hello, send a picture or a poem, inform me of the church family where she attended. However, in time I stopped hearing from her. I was uncertain of her condition or what might have happened.

I then received a lovely card from her with holiday greetings and a reminder of how much she missed our visits.

In leadership, I am reminded of the need to maintain contact with those we share life with through the years.

It can be as simple as a card to remind them how much they impacted our life. I hope we will take time, not just this week, but throughout the year to remind others of their influence in our lives.

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