A Backwards Look…

As spiritual leaders, it is important to take a backwards look on the past year.

This Sunday night represents the time people celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of a new one. Generally, we tend to look at areas of life we want to change and make a resolution to improve in the year ahead.

Rarely do we examine the year and consider the whole of our influence in leadership. When we look back over 2017 we need to ask a few questions.

Were we good stewards of our time in leadership?

Are the lives of others better because of our influence and example in leadership?

How many souls did we reach with the gospel?

Were we able to accomplish the necessary goals for the year?

What changes should be made to better improve our leadership?

These five questions represent a few of many we should consider as we close out this chapter in history. As we set the stage for the year ahead, take a backwards look over the past year, ask a few questions, and make the needed adjustments for 2018.

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