Drafting or Leading?

Jon Acuff learned the following lesson from his father who had taken up cycling; “It’s easier to draft than it is to lead, but when you lead, you help somebody else go faster than they ever could have on their own.”

It might be easier to draft, coasting along without much struggle. However, it does not bring the change needed for the spiritual success of others or ourselves.

Leadership provides a foundation for the future success of everyone and it empowers others to achieve greater work without them.

Leadership makes it possible for those who cannot or will not step up and change the future.


1 comment on “Drafting or Leading?

  1. I could not agree more. At conversion I attended an assembly with many men handling the prayers, songleading, and Lord’s table. I was always asked, but was content to draft. It was only when attending a small congregation that I no longer had men to draft behind. It was then that I grew in leading.

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