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Leading Personalities…Phlegmatic

Our final personality is the Phlegmatic. They are laid back, without a care in the world.

Phlegmatics tend to get more done in a day than anyone because they do not engage in the unnecessary.

When motivated, Phlegmatics are the best workers. They are steady, loyal, hard working, quiet, and rarely get riled.

They can be lazy when unattended or unmotivated. They are not self-starters. The prefer the path of least resistance.

When motivated, however, they turn these negatives into a positive by finding better and cheaper ways to do the job. Let’s help them find the right direction by leading and serving.

Leading Personalities…Melancholy

The Melancholy personality traits include perfection, attention to detail, and organizational skills. They are talented, skilled in art, music and composition.

More negatively, their traits include depression, mania for perfection that keeps them from completing the job on time, mood swings (up one day, down the next), or sometimes a complete lack of interest.

When motivated and controlled, they are productive, caring about detail and doing the job right.

However, they can strive too much for perfection, and their moodiness can make it difficult to work on a team.

Knowing each personality helps leaders understand followers and how to lead in the most beneficial way.

Leading Personalities…Sanguine

The Sanguine personality knows no stranger. They are happy most of the time and everybody usually likes them.

However, they tend to start things and not finish. They forget to put the tools up. They leave a trail of “stuff” behind. Their mind is usually somewhere else, focused on bigger and better things.

Sanguines are funny, quick, and personable. They are smart and willing to learn. They just need some leadership.

Do you know someone like this? Take a few moments and think about what can be done to help them focus and be better at what they do for themselves and others.

Leading Personalities…Choleric

Most scholars recognize four basic personalities: Choleric, Sanguine, Melancholy and Phlegmatic. We can have all the classic traits of one or be a healthy or annoying combination. Knowing someone’s basic personality traits helps us better understand how to lead.

Someone who is Choleric is motivated to get things done even if they have to do it themselves. They struggle with delegating and can be hard to deal with, thinking they can do it better.

If mixed with another type they can warm up and be the best worker. Do we know anyone like this? Are we leading by helping someone be better at what they do?

Think leadership!