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Destructive Nature of Procrastination…

Perhaps you’ve heard the statement, “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” A dear friend, Paul Myers, shared this thought with me about 10 years ago.

Procrastination can be destructive to leadership. Why?

Because there is no better time than now when it comes to…

Leading others to Christ.
Telling someone you love them.
Helping someone mature spiritually.
Strengthening the weak.
Improving ourselves as leaders.

We must fight the desire to procrastinate and use the present to achieve greatness.

A Waste of Time…

When we give our energy, time, and talent to achieve success, we may hear a voice that says, “What you are doing makes no difference. You are wasting your time.”

Life can be filled with “time wasters.”

However, leading is never a waste of time when we lead someone to Christ, or when we lead them to a greater life of faithfulness.

The number of events working to attack the use of our time will never end. The choice is ours in how we deal with those events when they occur.

Always remember that leadership is never a waste of time for the one we lead.

The Sweet Spot of Leadership…

The sweet spot is a place on the baseball bat or golf club, that when contacting the ball, produces the sweetest sound, smoothest feel, and furthest distance.

In leadership, challenges and problems often take the wind out of us. During these times we tend to think about giving up or finding another job.

However, when we make the right contact, it produces the sweetest moment and encourages us to keep going.

We need to remember our leadership makes a difference. 

No one ever promised an easy or comfortable path. However, we are promised one worth our effort. This is why we strive to lead others to Christ.

People, People, People…

People are everywhere. Who are they? Where do they live? Where are they going? Do they believe in God?

The only way to know anything about people is to get involved in their lives. How can we lead them to Jesus without this connection?

We need to overcome fear, but what are we afraid of most? Rejection? Failure? Making a mistake? 

The application is true whether talking to a stranger at an airport or a neighbor across the street. 

Leading anyone to Christ involves moving past our fear and connecting to their lives. As challenging as it may seem, the connection of genuine love makes the difference.

The Right Time for Leading…

When it comes to addressing a delicate situation, timing is everything.

When faced with life changing decisions, timing is everything.

When waiting for answers to test results, timing is everything.

When confronting a family member, coworker, or friend, timing is everything.

God said, “There is an appointed time for everything, and there is a time for every event under heaven” (Ecclesiastes 3:2-8).

If we can step back and think for a moment and ask ourselves, “Is this the right time to continue in this direction?” then maybe we can handle whatever life throws our way at the right time.

Leadership Identity…

Identity is important, but there are several questions to consider related to this concept.

How would we identify what we do? Our activities indicate a significant role. If our focus is spiritual, then our role has a heavenly identification.

How would we identify who we are affiliated with? If we belong to Christ, then our character will reflect a Christlike spirit.

How would we identify the reason we are here? The activities we carry out should clearly identify the reason we are here?

A few simple questions can help us consider the value of identifying what, who, and how when it comes to our leadership.

A Balanced Leader…

We live in a world of extremes, either left or right, liberal or conservative, etc.

The result has created division, especially on the spiritual front.

In the midst, we find those who assume the role of the religious elite seeking to point out the error of others and destroy them.

Sadly, social media provides a platform where many carry out their vile and vicious attacks without ever following the biblical approach. 

Worse still, these individuals operate under their “stand for the truth” and never realize how destructive their actions are to the image of Christ in our world. 

We need leaders who understand balance and lead God’s people away from the polarity of a world that does not understand Jesus.

A Chance in a Lifetime Leadership…

Numerous statistics exist related to being a leader.

One report claims that 70-80% of people think they are a leader, yet only 2-3% actually are a leader. Another report claims that 2-3% ever see themselves as a leader.

Leadership is the chance of a lifetime, not because of the glory, glamour, power, or prestige that may be affiliated with leading. More accurately, it is for opposite reasons.

We know the blessings found in Christ. We also know the responsibility of leading others to Him.

When we lead someone from darkness to light and experience the joy of salvation, now that is a chance of a lifetime!

Liberty Leaders…

The history of Independence Day is on the minds of most Americans as they remember the events from 1776. July 4th (243 years ago) brought freedom / independence from the rule of England.

The years that followed have been filled with highs and lows, victories and defeats. These events have shaped this nation and provided us with independence.

As spiritual leaders, we value the price paid by many to give us our freedoms and realize the need to help others understand and experience another kind of liberty found only in Christ. 

Time is too precious to delay. Let us be diligent to the task. Happy 4th

A Leadership Question…

If God required the genuine conversion of 1,000 souls to Christ before you and I could enter heaven, what would we do?

I know the Lord does not require it, but if so, would we not stop everything and start diligently trying to share the gospel with others?

Why do we procrastinate and think we have plenty of time when the Lord could come now, or those we need to reach might die?

What will it take for me to realize the urgency of eternity? When will I recognize the reality of hell?

Life is too short to focus on the here and now. Lead people to the hereafter! Think Souls!