Tag: Clarity

Procedural Leadership

Imagine a time, place, or organization that operates without a specific procedure to guide the direction of its purpose and outcome. Not only is it hard to imagine, we are more likely to realize a descriptive state of chaos.

By definition, a procedure involves a “particular course of action intended to achieve a result.” Procedures may be loosely or dogmatically applied, but procedures provide a binding web that holds it all together.

Why are these procedures critical? They tend to be constant.

Procedures remind us of the foundational basics that provide the backbone of security.

We also find a greater level of clarity through procedures.

Thinking Before We Speak

Have you ever heard the expression, “Measure twice, cut once?”

The same thought can be applied to our words, both verbal and written. Learning to think twice before we speak is a powerful component to leading. Consider the following.

1) Before we speak, consider how our words will influence those who hear them. Will our words build them up or tear them down, heal or hurt?

2) Thinking twice helps develop concise clarity. We lose the attention of others when unprepared and we ramble through something we attempt to say.

When we think twice before speaking, we enhance the quality of our leadership communication.