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Leading by Design

At times, “flying by the seat of the pants” rules our approach to leading. Successful leadership, however, requires a dedicated effort to establish a systematic method for developing and executing a plan.

Designing the direction to lead means a consideration of three essential qualities.

Vision – the ability to see what cannot be seen, or as spiritual leaders, seeing Him who unseen.

Collaboration – the ability to work with others and the willingness to incorporate their ideas.

– creativity goes a long way when investigating the design process for decision-making.

These three qualities go far in understanding how to take leadership to the next level.

Collaborative Leaders

Working together to produce or create something defines collaboration.

Leadership is characterized by numerous qualities, principles, and ideas for developing others to lead. Sadly, leaders often feel they must “go it alone.”

We also find that leaders who fail or refuse to work with others, choosing to work alone, suffer both physiologically and psychologically.

When Solomon said “two are better than one…and a cord of three strands is not quickly broken,” he lays down a principle that supports collaboration.

When leaders work together and promote working together as a team, God will give an increase that lasts eternally.