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An Invoice

An invoice serves several purposes for both the one writing the invoice and the one receiving it. What is interesting is how the idea of an invoice also factors into areas of leadership.

An invoice communicates information about services rendered and materials purchased.

An invoice serves as a point of reference for both parties and allows future access to all information.

An invoice also represents an agreement, contract, or commitment for each person identified.

If leaders communicate information (vision, goals, plans, etc.) as a point of reference, imagine the impact and commitment it would generate.


Faithfulness is rooted in the very character of God. Reliability, steadfastness, constancy, fidelity, dependability, trustworthiness are all words that describe the qualities of God’s faithfulness.

Amidst the increasing instability of our culture we discover several obstacles to faithfulness.

Nurturing the temporal and disposable elements of life challenge lasting faithfulness. Shunning commitments and focusing our loyalty on improper objects become obstacles to our faithfulness as leaders.

However, we cultivate faithfulness when we celebrate God’s abiding presence, lift Him up in worship, keep our promises, and tell the truth.

Kenneson raises several powerful questions and provides suggestions to the other-directed nature of faithfulness on pages 194-195.

Worth the Investment…

When someone has “skin in the game,” their approach to every situation, project, plan, or goal changes.

Commitment increases when a leader is invested, because failing to accomplish the goal costs them something.

David understood this thought in 2 Samuel 24:24. He dared not offer a sacrifice to God that did not cost him something.

With skin in the game, we attract followers willing to do the same.

Leaders find it a little more difficult to just simply walk away from their charge when invested. 

Leadership costs us something, but what we must recognize is that with God, it is worth the investment.

Leaders Develop Leaders…

Mac Lake’s book, The Multiplication Effect, has great material related to leadership. Over the next few days, we will consider a few thoughts from the book to encourage us in this needed role.

“Programs don’t develop leaders. Leaders develop leaders.” We tend to think the latest and greatest program on leadership will provide exactly what is needed to develop the next generation of leaders.

However, looking more deeply, we discover it begins with leaders investing time into the lives of others. The heart of leadership development involves this investment. If we make the commitment today, leaders will be the outcome tomorrow.

Committed Leaders…

The key to leadership is commitment. Margaret Mead once said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” 

At the heart of any lasting endeavor is the power of commitment. When commitment exists, we can change the world.

As Ms. Mead stated, “It is the only thing that ever has.”

When we look at the early church, the apostles demonstrated a level of commitment that is rarely, if ever, seen in our time, but Christians followed them freely making a sacrifice with their lives for Jesus.

Our leadership for Christ should exemplify the same if we hope to change the world.

SALT Fun Fact #7

“In biblical Judaism, salt was mixed with animal sacrifices (Leviticus 2:13). This salt was a symbol of wisdom, discretion, and an enduring covenant. In the East, salt is an expression for the league of mutual amity. When the Arabs make a covenant together, they put salt on the blade of a sword, from whence everyone puts a little into his mouth. This constitutes blood relations and they remain faithful to each other, even when in danger of life. Leadership is a continual commitment, a covenant of sorts, to sacrificially exercise wisdom and discretion.” Wayne Roberts

Thank you Wayne for filling our bucket with amazing and powerful thoughts related to leadership and its connection to SALT. May we commit ourselves to the covenant of leading. May we give, and give up, whatever it takes to proceed with such wisdom and discretion.