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Have you ever observed people at the mall, grocery store, bank, airport, or driving down the highway. Who are they? Where do they live? Where are they going? Are they married? Do they have children…grandchildren? Do they believe in God?

The questions are endless. The number of people in this world is mind boggling.

The only way to know anything about them is to get involved in their lives. It is a challenging step. How can we lead them to Jesus without this connection?

Leading anyone to Christ involves moving past our fear and getting connected. The emotional connection of genuine love makes all the difference.

An Engaging leader

Engaging people is vital to the role of leadership. Leaders must hold the attention of those who follow, engaging them in the direction to be taken.

Engaging followers involves three critical components:

1) Speak to people’s needs. Without understanding the needs of others, how can you engage them to follow?

2) Establish a connection. Relate to people on the same level. To speak above or beneath someone prevents engagement.

3) Ask the right questions. Often times, people are not engaged because they were never asked the right questions.

More could be said, but these will make a difference when striving to engage others.

Leadership Safety

Click it or ticket? We’ve all seen it. Seat belts. My intent is not to debate. I know of those who would have died had they been wearing a seat belt. I also know of those who would have died without it.

Regardless of our like or dislike for specific laws, seat belts were designed with a purpose. Spiritual leaders also have a purpose.

Think about the similarities with the seat belt.

1) We must be there when the need exists.
2) We must connect with people to be useful.
3) We must protect without being uncomfortable.
4) We must create a signal when someone is unprotected.