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Metabolism and Leadership

Metabolism is the chemical process that occurs within a living organism in order to maintain life. If that were not enough, we learn there are two kinds of metabolism: constructive and destructive.

One involves the synthesis of various components that strengthen life and the other breaks it down.

The application is not hard to make. Leaders carry the responsibility of pulling together the processes needed to maintain the life and health of the organization.

Two types of leaders exist in this realm. Constructive leaders synthesize the components needed to strengthen life and destructive leaders constantly look for ways to tear it down.

Which one are you?

Constructive Leadership

To be constructive involves something that is useful with a tendency to build up.

Constructive leaders are characterized by several key qualities.

They have a vision for what is right.
They possess an understanding of what is beneficial.
They provide tools to assist followers in reaching their potential.
They are driven by the desire to achieve the good of others.

These ideas provide a beginning point related to the nature of constructive leadership.

When the church is led by constructive leaders, spiritual and numerical growth will naturally go hand in hand.