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A Centered Leader…

What is our center? Who are we at the core?

A spiritually motivated center demonstrates qualities of godliness toward others, rather than simply developing self.

Determining our center is not as easy as it may sound. Learning to be honest about what we seek in life will help us on this journey. Consider these questions.

1) Do we feel inconvenienced by others?
2) Are we motivated by self-preservation? 
3) Are times in prayer and study difficult to work into our schedule? 
4) Where do we find the most pleasure?
5) Are our words and actions self-centered or others-directed?

Honest answers will help us understand our center.

Event-Oriented Culture…

We mentioned time-oriented challenges yesterday. However, the majority of people live in a more event-oriented culture.

An event-oriented culture does not focus on the convenience of time, or how much time is needed to accomplish the task. The event takes precedence. Therefore, whatever amount of time is needed to finish the event will be given to it. 

There are pros and cons to both cultures and when leaders use the beauty of each, the time to accomplish each specific task becomes the key to success.

When leaders examine the current culture and lead in ways that use the orientation of the individual or group, they succeed in leading them where they need to go.