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A Symbol of Leadership

The gavel represents a legalistic leader, decisive and dogmatic.
The eagle represents a presidential leader, representative and political.
The swastika represents a dictatorial leader, aggressive and autocratic.
The crown represents a kingly leader, superior and majestic.
The lamb represents a gentle leader, patient even when suffering.
The cross represents a sacrificial leader, purposeful and loving.

A symbol is generally a material object representing something abstract. What symbol would represent your leadership?
Would the symbol of the cross, representing the purposeful and loving sacrifice of Jesus accurately describe it?

Our leadership is worth the effort to make certain it is represented accurately and biblically.

A Spiritual Leader

Paul’s words to the church at Corinth identify a spiritual leader, “Who is led into sin without my intense concern.”

Spiritual leaders are focused on others, it is an outward position of seeking the best for others, above self. No one knew or demonstrated this better than Jesus. From giving up the glory He had with the Father to giving up His life on the cross, Jesus was concerned about sin: yours and mine.

Consider the impact on people around us when we demonstrate concern for the sinful activity that permeates our world.

The task is not easy, but one that makes a lasting and eternal difference.

Glory Through Suffering…

An interesting connection exists between suffering and glory. Look through God’s word and see how they relate and their connection to the life of Jesus.

Certainly, we are all aware of how Jesus suffered while here on earth: His persecution, shame, and sacrifice at the cross.

No one longs for or anticipates suffering. We desire the glory to come, but we must realize the suffering related to that glory and lead with an understanding of such.

Paul identifies that the sufferings of this present life are not worthy to be compared to the glory to be revealed to us, but suffering does come first.