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Faith and Leadership…

Great faith is always amazing. Leaders need great faith. They need faith that is so big the only answer is God.

I’ve met a few leaders like this over the years. Recently, I was blessed to meet an elder that shared a moving story about how God showed up in incredible ways to provide a Christian Camp. 

The most impressive aspect of his character was his humility. While others expressed thanks for his role, he never accepted it. He knew only God made it happen. Over and over he said, “It was God’s dream. It was God’s work.” 

When leaders possess the kind of humility to acknowledge the power of God at work in this way, we are privileged to see great faith in action.

What if…

In a recent interview with Brandon Edwards, we discussed concepts about vision. 

Brandon shared a powerful thought about how to dream. Often times, people hear a big idea and tend to say, “Yes, but…” What follows is usually a reason why it cannot be done.

However, imagine what happens when we have an opportunity to dream and begin with, “What if…”

“What if” implies something big. When we think of a future so big that it can only be accomplished with God’s help, we are laying the foundation for the right kind of vision.

We need leaders who know how to say, “What if…”

Heart of a Leader…

The Bible speaks a great deal about the heart. When it comes to leadership, heart is vital to our approach and development.

What benefits accompany a leader with heart?

With heart leaders dream of the future and what can be accomplished.
With heart leaders hold true to the integrity of their relationship with God and others.
With heart leaders invest in the lives of others to help them reach their potential.
With heart leaders plan with diligence and confidence.
With heart leaders step out with trust in God’s guidance and providential working to achieve His purpose and will.

Let us lead with heart!