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Do We Need To Change?

We often hear, “Change is not always good, but it is not always bad either.”

While reading quotes from Jack Welch, one struck a cord, “If the rate of change inside an organization is less than the rate of change outside the organization…their end is in sight.”

Let’s clarify, this is not about changing the message. The message never changes. However, methodology must change. If not, what we’ve experienced in recent years will continue.

Leaders must communicate the need for change and how to implement it timely. They must also ensure that the change inside keeps up appropriately with the change outside.

Doing so prevents the end and provides success.

The Path of Growth…

People who attempt to lead without first growing themselves is common. Leaders who attempt to lead without growing others is also common and sad.

Jack Welch is noted for saying, “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”

Spiritual leadership is essential when considering the current situation of the church and world.

However, when we do not first grow ourselves to be a leader and then grow others as a leader, everything and everyone suffers.

The true legacy of a spiritual leader is based on growing into a leader and growing others to be leaders.