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A Blessing or Lesson

One of my favorite thoughts is credited to Mother Teresa, “Some people come into your life as blessings, others come into your life as lessons.”

I used to tell our kids, “Everyone brings happiness, some when they come and some when they leave. So, live your life in a way that people are happy to see you come.”

What about leadership? Are we a blessing or a lesson?

Our decisions, words, and example leave a powerful influence one way or the other.

Make sure to lead in a way that people are happy to see us.

The Right Tool…

Although it is not my forte, I have tried to work on a number of mechanical items over the years, from cars to electronics. 

I might have enjoyed more success if I had learned the valuable lesson of getting the right tool(s) for the job and the importance of knowing my limitations.

I can see many similarities to leadership. Leaders do well to learn the importance of taking time to do whatever it takes to prepare properly and achieve the job successfully.

Being equipped with the right tools in leadership can make the difference now and eternally. Prepare and know your limitations!