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A Lesson in Leadership

Some of the greatest thoughts on leadership have come from some of the most amazing people in my life.

Our oldest son, Rob, once said, “When we don’t understand the LESSON at the right time, life makes us understand the same LESSONS at the wrong time.”

The thought holds such merit when it comes to leadership. When we do not understand the lesson at the right time, we find ourselves dealing with them at the wrong time.

To be sure, the lesson here is to pay attention and learn it right the first time around. When we do, our leadership influence grows.

Lessons from a Sticky Note Pad…

On most desks is a small “sticky note” pad.

However, the nature of the sticky note provides several good lessons for leadership.

They are reminders of something important. If it is important, it is worth writing down.

They can be placed in any location. Leadership is not limited to the building. 

Once they stick, they are still there the next day. Good leaders hold on even when the road is difficult. 

They come in a variety of sizes and colors. No cookie cutter approach exists for finding leaders.

Lessons from a sticky note pad – our leadership might still be around tomorrow as a reminder of something important.