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Win or Learn

We live in a competitive world and winning dominates every sport. Individuals and teams desire to be winners at all cost. Losing is not an option.

Nelson Mandela said, “I never lose. I either win or learn.” Imagine this mindset. The concept of losing doesn’t exist, but rather learning.

When we think in terms of losing, we miss the opportunity to improve. We can easily fall into the trap of compromise in order to win. We cut corners, minimize relationships, and view people as objects to our own end.

We must learn, improving who we are and what we do for the benefit of God’s church and His glory.

True Success

In a world that believes we must win at all cost, the concept of losing is never considered. Even though several attempts to change this way of thinking are commercialized, the underlying mindset of success emphasizes the “W.”

From a spiritual perspective, however, true success is measured by the ideas expressed in losing our pride, fleshly desires, and sinful habits. When demonstrated in leadership, followers find an incredible example that reflects the true nature of Christianity.

In every culture, the ideas of winning and losing follow the same pattern. Therefore, we need leaders today who hold up the biblical standard of true success and victory.