Tag: Maturity

Self-Differentiated Leaders…

Edwin Friedman is one of several who discuss concepts associated with a self-differentiated leader. Three main areas stand out.

1) They know who they are: There is clarity about life-goals and they possess strong self-awareness.

2) They are part of the system, but not controlled by it: They rarely get lost in the anxious emotional processes around them.

3) They are able to take stands at the risk of displeasing others: They have the ability to deal with the super responsible and vulnerable.

Spiritual leaders face situations where leadership maturity is needed. The process of developing into self-differentiated leader is a journey to that maturity.

Leadership Expectations…

Disappointment emerges when leaders expect others to live by their own personal standard of behavior.

My son says, “Live the way you would want others to live, but do not expect it of them.”

Consider these lessons.

1) We cannot know motives, so stop expecting others to live by our standard, even if it is right.

2) We limit someone’s potential when we are frustrated at their failure to measure up.

3) Everyone’s maturity level is different, because our backgrounds are not the same.

Let us measure up to the example of Christ. Then, nurture relationships with others to help them do the same. This is true leadership.