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Melancholy Personality…Ghost Post #4

We garner from the name itself the traits portrayed in this personality. The good traits include perfection, attention to detail, organizational skills, and they are usually very talented and skilled in art, music, and composition.

Perhaps the thought is, “we need someone like this on our team,” and that might be right as long as the melancholy personality can control whatever negative personality traits they possess. These include: depression, mania for perfection that keeps them from completing the job on time, mood swings (up one day and down the next), or sometimes a complete lack of interest in doing anything.

When motivated and controlled, they are productive and the most caring about detail and doing the job right the first time.

There can be, however, a hindrance when they spend too much time trying to get it perfect. There is also the difficulty of working with others because of their moodiness.

Knowing each type of personality enables leaders to understand those who follow and how to lead in the most beneficial way for the good of the individual and the church.