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Goals and Courage

Goals are essential to success. We build morale and sustain momentum to reach our long-term goals by the short-term goals we establish.

Courage is a decision to act bravely when we are scared. When that time comes, we need leaders who have the courage to lead with their eye on the goal(s).

Dr. Anil Kumar Sinha said it this way, “Successful people keep their eye on the goal. If they encounter obstacles, instead of focusing on the obstacle, they find a way around it by keeping their goal in mind. It is a mindset of courage which makes it easier to pursue success.”


When momentum is established correctly, it is hard to slow the progress. But, how do leaders establish the kind of momentum that produces forward progress?

1) Start small and build up.
2) Set a pace where others can follow and excel.
3) Strive to keep a positive focus and attitude.
4) Secure additional help to support the forward motion.

Get John Maxwell’s book 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership and read the chapter about momentum.

Sometimes, it only takes one spark to get momentum started. Those sparks excite any group into a new level of growth.

When momentum shifts, whoever is not onboard, will be soon.