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Responsive Leadership…

Spiritual leaders must respond readily and with interest or enthusiasm. Situations may occur where a quick response is inappropriate due to a lack of or the wrong information. However, when leaders are responsive, it builds confidence and morale.

Responsiveness means being well informed (do not hide from what is going on, be knowledgeable), being well read (be a student, read material for growth, leisure, and wisdom), being open to feedback (it is surprising what others see we may not see ourselves), and being patient (new skills in leadership are the result of development, and it takes time).

A Tribute to a Great Leader…

Tributes to great leaders are numerous. From those who are famous to those who are personal, great leaders exist everywhere. 

My father demonstrated great leadership by the kind of friendship he demonstrated. All his friendships involved pointing people to heaven.

Nothing was more important to him. He was one of the best personal workers I have ever known. His approach and style to studying the gospel with others was one of kindness. He was gentle and patient, and his ability to lead others to an understanding of God’s word was unmatched.

May we all learn from his leadership and point others to heaven.

A Balanced Leader…

“Man of God.” What do these words mean to a spiritual leader?

One, it refers to someone waiting for the Lord. Such activity is supported by obtaining new strength and an ability to tirelessly endure.

Two, the man of God is balanced. Regardless of the challenges that often create imbalance, the man of God remains balanced.

While waiting for the Lord, spiritual leaders are strengthened, prepared to face difficulty, travel any distance, patiently endure temptation, and overcome any obstacle.

Spiritual leaders understand the responsibility of family and ministry and must learn how to remain balanced with both.

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