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Phases of Leadership

The planning phase is where we dream, research, and organize everything involved in reaching specific goals.

The activation phase is where we implement the activities needed to accomplish those goals.

The evaluation phase is where we examine what has been accomplished to ensure we are on target.

The completion phase is where we reach the end of the project, the goals have been completed, and the rewards enjoyed.

These four phases have application for nearly every area of life, including our relationship with God and leadership in His kingdom.


The holidays will soon be upon us.

Most men do not connect to the planning that goes into the activities of the day. However, most women know it is all about the planning.

The menu must be just right (although it is generally the same each year), the perfect ingredients purchased, and the timing involved in the cooking process.

Imagine what would happen if we gave the same attention to planning who we are as a leader, the goals we pursue, and preparing others to reach their potential.

Spiritual leadership must be all about the planning.

Dedicated Planning…

The adage is true, “Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.” 

Success does not happen by accident. Quality is not the result of chance. 

Success and quality result from high intention and planning with a dedication to persevere.

When a plan is in place from the beginning, whenever challenges occur, foresight has already formulated direction for those bumps in the road.

This does not mean we never have to deal with the unexpected, but if we negotiate the bump before we get to it, we know how to handle those times.

Leading requires a plan, even more so when referencing the spiritual application. A good plan will always produce success and quality.