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Using Facebook as Leaders…

The reach of Facebook is staggering, but there are lessons to learn about this social media tool.

Be careful about abusing privilege
. Time spent reading posts adds up. A few minutes can translate into a few hours quickly.

Do not forget to live life. Life was not meant to be lived on Facebook. Do not air dirty laundry, express discontent, deal with confrontation, etc.

Use Facebook as a tool. Facebook serves as a great tool for encouragement, edification, and education, if used properly.

Remember our Christian influence.
Our posts influence everyone who read them. Sarcasm, humor, and teasing do not always translate. Be cautious before posting.

Privileged Leadership…

We are all aware of the challenges of racism and the problems resulting from such. Apart from the fact it is Biblically wrong and sinful, there are a number of elements that make it socially wrong also. 

However, true privilege today is spiritually twofold. 

The first is the privilege God has given us to be His children, regardless of race.

Second, we find privilege in the opportunity given to lead, again, regardless of race.

While many think there is privilege related to the color of one’s skin, let us focus on the responsibility we have because of the true spiritual privilege given each of us.