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Never Too Late

It is never too late for leaders.

It is never too late to begin something new. Regardless of how old we might be, how long the previous system was in place, or what others think, beginning something new can be rejuvenating.

It is never too late to finish a project. Taking time to work on and finish a project is worth the benefit it brings to everyone connected to it.

It is never too late to change directions. At times, the obstacles become insurmountable and instead of stopping, maybe it is time to change directions.

It is never too late. Take action!

Project Leadership

As a noun, a project is an individual or collaborative enterprise carefully planned and designed to achieve a particular aim.

As a verb, it is described as estimating or forecasting something on the basis of present trends, the force of moving something forward or outward.

As an enterprise that must be carefully planned and designed, leaders need to give serious thought to the project if they hope to achieve the aim.

As an activity, leaders must be the force that influences others in a way that moves them forward and outward.

Leaders who provide this kind of influence will always provide an example worth following.