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Think about the process of recovering from surgery.

Time and rest are involved. The body’s ability to recover is amazing, but healing requires time and getting the appropriate rest.

Repair prevents permanent damage. The design and purpose of recovery is to prevent problems of an irreparable nature.

Recovery requires following the physician’s instructions. We often overlook this point. The expert advice of a physician is critical to recovery.

If we follow the necessary steps for recovery, in the long run we can become stronger.

The same is true as spiritual leaders who need to recover from the battles of leading people through difficult and challenging times.

Supporting Leaders…

Support groups are generally associated with some form of recovery. They exist for individuals and their spouses who are recovering from addictions, suffering grief or loss, and various disorders.

Support groups exist to benefit those who use them. A couple of questions should be considered for leadership.

Who makes up the support group for leaders? Wisdom would suggest having other leaders involved in this group would help.

What benefit will they provide? They serve as a reminder that others have and do experience the same challenges.

A support system makes a difference in how we continue to grow and develop our leadership.

Essential Recovery…

Most people understand the challenges of the recovery process involved after surgery.

Think about the nature of recovery.

Time is involved. The capabilities of the body to recover are amazing, but healing requires time. Leadership development and recovering from mistakes requires the same.

Repair prevents permanent damage. The nature of surgery and recovery is to prevent irreparable problems. Our leadership can avoid future breakdowns when we take steps needed to prevent permanent damage.

Successful recover requires following the physician’s instructions. And following the Great Physician’s instructions is essential to help spiritual leaders heal.

More could be said, but keep in mind the purpose and necessity of recovery.