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Leading Like Jesus

Jesus was not one to focus His time on the rich, popular, political or religious leaders of the people.

Jesus spent time with the outcast, unwanted, and unlikely of society.

He did not participate in or condone their activities. He worked to influence them and show a better way. He gave them hope.

We must consider who we focus our time on, if we seek to be like Him. This does not mean we shun or avoid the wealthy. We may not always be comfortable with the outcast, unwanted, or unlikely, but history and experience indicate they are the most receptive.

Who Are We Leading?

Numerous stories describe the challenges of reaching the more affluent in our world today.

As difficult as it might be to admit, we know this is true.

Why the concern? If God chose the poor in this world to be rich in faith, and they are receptive, why do we not make greater efforts to share the gospel with them?

Why do we spend so much time focused on those who seemingly feel they do not need God because of their abundance?

We need to lead those with little or nothing in this life to a greater understanding of what God has prepared.