Tag: Self-centered

Truthful Leadership…

The opposite of truthfulness leads in one direction, deception.

Leaders are challenged to be honest enough with themselves to make the kind of decisions that demonstrate integrity.

Truthfulness will not allow us to be self-centered. As leaders, we can fall prey to justifying our actions and convincing ourselves something is true, when in reality it is false. This happens when we neglect to recognize our inward focus.

Leaders must be careful not to allow good intentions to vindicate pretentious actions.

Be truthful with self, others, and God in all areas.

A Centered Leader…

What is our center? Who are we at the core?

A spiritually motivated center demonstrates qualities of godliness toward others, rather than simply developing self.

Determining our center is not as easy as it may sound. Learning to be honest about what we seek in life will help us on this journey. Consider these questions.

1) Do we feel inconvenienced by others?
2) Are we motivated by self-preservation? 
3) Are times in prayer and study difficult to work into our schedule? 
4) Where do we find the most pleasure?
5) Are our words and actions self-centered or others-directed?

Honest answers will help us understand our center.