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Simple Leadership

Simplicity can be explained by the following: 1) understanding, 2) clarity, 3) definable, 4) plain, and 5) natural.

The opposite of simplicity is complex and tends to leave people in a fog. When leadership is complex, people deal with confusion or convolution.

The challenge is learning how to bring simplicity to leadership?

Identify the main thing (priority) and keep it the main thing.
Narrow the focus to one primary task.
Simplify and clarify terminology.

A few simple ideas will benefit and strengthen our leadership in ways that will simplify what we strive to achieve to the glory of God.

Simplifying Our Leadership…

Life is complicated and complex. Why have we allowed our daily activities to alter the simplicity of life? A few ideas could help us simplify our leadership.

Remember who is in control, who holds eternity in His hands, and let Him have control.
Learn when to say no.
Understand the limits of our abilities.
Take a “full” day off every week and spend it with family.
Do not work in all three parts of the day.
Stop trying to get it all done the first day.

More could be shared, but if we apply a few simple ideas, our leadership will last a little longer and taste a little sweeter.