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Keep Others Informed

When leaders do not keep others informed, the following happens:

People grow suspicious.
Distrust blossoms.
Doubt develops in leadership ability.
Stress fuels worry.
Anxiety leads to fear.

The lack of communication is not always intentional. Sometimes, we grow into a structured life. We develop a routine and life becomes monotonous. In the end, our communication is often affected.

Is it possible to prevent these concerns from developing and growing? Yes!

Following these three simple words…Keep others informed.

What kind of information needs to be provided? Inform others about…

Plans for the future.
Changes that need to be made.
Challenges / or hindrances facing the plans.
Any and all needs.

Stress and Leadership…

What creates stress in our lives and why does it seem to increase? Three major contributors are age, education and finances. 

It is amazing how these are connected to who we are, which is directly related to what we do, what others say about us, and what we have.

Only when we recognize who we really are can we overcome this misconception. Leadership must help remove this struggle with stress. 

We all face success and failure. Others speak well of us and against us. We also deal with times when we have and do not have things. 

Whatever happens, we must remember we are the beloved of God.