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Visual Leaders…

The eye is an amazing part of the body. As we age, it is common to notice that our arms do not extend out quite far enough to read.

Two conditions occur as we age, near-sightedness (the ability to see things close, but not far away) and far-sightedness (the ability to see things far away, but not close).

Figuratively, leaders must avoid both. They need the ability to see what is going on close and far away.

The ability to see near and far makes it possible to address current needs and plan for future success.

Student Leaders…

As a teacher, many factors determine a successful classroom experience.

We may use visual aids (PowerPoint, whiteboard or handouts). We may incorporate dialogue. 

Whatever we choose, the bottom-line involves learning. Is the student learning the material presented?

The most common mistake is that teachers teach and students learn. This mentality leads to a lecture style of teaching and avoids discussion that might challenge the thinking of the teacher.

As a leader, we must first be a student ourselves. We need to use every opportunity to learn from others.

Each person has knowledge, life experience, and abilities that should make the classroom a place where everyone learns.