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Try, Listen, Think, Wait, Forgive

One of my favorite quotes has no known author, ”Before you quit, try. Before you talk, listen. Before you react, think. Before you criticize, wait. Before you move on, forgive.”

These five suggestions are powerful.

Do we quit before we really give it a try?
Do we dominate the conversation without really listening?
Do we react, only to think later that we should have thought it through?
Do we jump to conclusions and criticize others?
Do we move on, but carry a grudge?

More could be said, but when we follow each of these suggestions, our lives and the lives of others will be richer.

A Balanced Leader…

“Man of God.” What do these words mean to a spiritual leader?

One, it refers to someone waiting for the Lord. Such activity is supported by obtaining new strength and an ability to tirelessly endure.

Two, the man of God is balanced. Regardless of the challenges that often create imbalance, the man of God remains balanced.

While waiting for the Lord, spiritual leaders are strengthened, prepared to face difficulty, travel any distance, patiently endure temptation, and overcome any obstacle.

Spiritual leaders understand the responsibility of family and ministry and must learn how to remain balanced with both.

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