Opportunity is waiting…

Opportunities are often missed because we are not looking for them. But why are we not looking?

Too busy? Looking in a different direction? Uncertainty? Waiting for a better opportunity?

Not all opportunities are equal, but they are still opportunities. If nothing else, opportunities always provide a platform for learning.

Recently, I was asked if I would be willing to host an internet radio talk show regarding homiletics. Initially, I thought of all the reasons (EXCUSES) why it would not work for me.

A few minutes later, after clearing the ego away, I realized what a great opportunity. It is not a great opportunity because of me, or anything I will share. It is great because of what I will learn.

Homiletics runs a close second to my favorite subject, leadership. One of the key areas of leadership involves seizing opportunities, especially if it is an opportunity to learn.

When we are learning leaders, we are equipping ourselves for greater influence. Consider what opportunities may have been missed today. Seize the opportunity to learn.

2 comments on “Opportunity is waiting…

  1. lindell mitchell says:

    Seize the Day!

  2. Rod Wilson says:

    Opportunities are often missed because they are disguised as hard work.

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