Leave it better than you found it…

I have never been one to own mechanical tools. Perhaps it is because I can not afford them, or maybe because I always seem to have friends with tools. I am thankful to have a good neighbor with every tool imaginable who does not seem to mind my habitual borrowing.

I learned a lesson a few years back regarding the practice of borrowing someone’s tools with application to leadership. When tools are borrowed, we should always return them promptly, put in their proper place, and in better condition (if possible) than when we borrowed them.

Leadership involves mentoring. Leaders should always be thinking about helping others and who will replace them. The work we accomplish in leadership should make it easier for the one(s) who follow us. We work to grow and perfect our craft. Our efforts will be in vain if they die with us.

Mentor someone. Prepare them to lead. Equip them to replace you. Concerning the work, leave it better for them than you found it.

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  1. lindell mitchell says:

    Whenever I’m given the opportunity to teach leadership, this is presented and the first priority of leadership. I note for students it is widely unknown among worldly people, but is true nevertheless. Our duty as leaders is to maxamize and expand those we lead. I tell those I mentor my goal is for them to exceed what the teacher did on his best day. LM

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