The 5 P’s

Sometimes it is the simple lessons in life that make the greatest impact.

A few years ago, after presenting a lesson for the congregation where I was working, an elderly gentleman approached me. I have learned over the years to never anticipate what might come next. Such was the case on this occasion. The only thing he said was, “remember the 5 P’s, proper preparation prevents poor performance.”

At first I thought, did I miss something? In my mind I thought I poured my time, ability and heart into the lesson. What did he mean? The truth of the matter involved another “P,” perception. Regardless of how much I put into the lesson, his perception was one showing a lack of preparation.

I learned several lessons from this encounter in application to leadership.

1) Preparation is noticeable.

2) People are always watching…and listening.

3) Perception is reality.

4) Plan time for self-examination.

The fact others are watching and listening is not new. What do they see in us as a leader? What are they hearing? What perception do they have of our leadership?

Always remember the 5 + 1 “P’s” when examining leadership.

1 comment on “The 5 P’s

  1. lindell mitchell says:

    Indeed perception is reality for the observer. It is certainly true we must leave time for self-reflection. Nevertheless, I’ve also learned there a few grouchy people who are just plain mean. Sad but true. LM

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