Are You Connected?

Traveling brings many challenges to the concept of staying connected. I am constantly looking for some way, anyway to get connected to the internet. There is always a need to send and/or receive e-mail. Family, friends, work, and others make up a list of those I connect with daily. However, connection extends beyond a technological method of communication.

Parents need to be connected to their children.

Employers need to be connected to their employees.

Teachers need to be connected to their students.

Elders need to be connected to the members within a congregation.

Leadership involves the concept of connection.

Connecting to people means…

1) Being transparent so others know us.

2) Getting involved in the lives of others, one at a time and personally.

3) Consistency in our treatment of others.

4) Giving people something to believe in.

Remember, as others have said; “before asking for the hand, first touch the heart.” Reaching others emotionally is where connection begins. Considering our leadership, are we connected?

2 comments on “Are You Connected?

  1. Pooh says:

    Bob –
    Bingo! Building relationships is the key to being successful in life, both here on earth and eternally. Without a relationship with Christ, we have no hope. Relationships outlast money, cars, houses, etc. When the game of life is over, we count our money, property, things, etc and add up the score. Then all our pieces go back in the box and we have nothing – except the relationships that we made along the way. They go with us.

  2. Elangwe Esowe Greg says:

    Hello br Bob ,
    It is amazing to me , to read all this about connection , it is good to be connected ,mostly as leaders , and to me we can be connected when we are inform about our connections and connectivity is vital in leadership , but if we are not inform , then we shall be deform .I love it stay focus ,keep enriching my visions and my soul.We say hello from Cameroon

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